There are currently about 1300 ethnic groups in Indonesia. This unit introduces students about the importance of understanding the history behind some of these tribes.

The lessons are structured in a way that allows students to learn the different cultural traditions and customs within each group. These are followed by opportunities for students to fill in worksheets related to each slide. In doing so, they can develop a deeper understanding of the different Indonesian tribes and explore the historical concepts of their heritage.

Today, we rarely see kids spend their time playing traditional games because they prefer to spend their time playing with their smartphones. Could you imagine how people’s life before smartphones?

This unit shows Indonesian traditional games commonly played by Indonesian kids. It gives students an understanding of how to make the Indonesian traditional games and how Indonesian kids play them. It also gives them chances to try some worksheets about Indonesian traditional games to check their understandings.

Since Indonesia is a diverse and multicultural country of origins and religions, it has a good mix of cultural events, ceremonies, and festivals. Throughout the year, a variety of festivals in Indonesia are celebrated, making it a fascinating location for tourists all year long.

This unit helps students to learn and know Indonesian festivals and the details about them, such as the history, the activities, and the dates of the festivals. Besides, students could also check their understanding of Indonesian festivals by doing the students’ worksheets related to the topic.

Indonesia is a land full of culture and traditions because it comprises many different cultures gathered together. Since the beginning, dance has always been an integral part of Indonesian culture. They are used to celebrate important milestones, tell a story, and many more.

To better understand and immerse students in Indonesian traditional dance, IKAN has compiled information about it and created students’ worksheets to make students’ learning more fun.


IKAN (Ikatan Australia – Nusantara) works in collaboration with PPIA VIC to assist Australian school teachers in teaching their students about Indonesia whenever required. IKAN provides opportunities for personal interaction between Australian high school students and Indonesian university students, by which they can develop their communication skills in a professional setting, gain work and language exchange experience, and widen their connections. IKAN also helps Australian teachers guide their students when attending Indonesian events. Besides, IKAN also helps Australian teachers make teaching materials and students’ worksheets for their Indonesian classrooms in Australia. Therefore, this website functions as a publicly accessible page for Indonesian teachers, especially those in Australia.

Example of IKAN event: Volunteering at Sealife Melbourne

IKAN volunteers volunteering at Pondok Rempah in 2017





IKAN has allowed me to share my language and culture to Australia. As a person with strong connection with these two countries, IKAN has allowed for a stronger understanding between these two countries.

– Jeffrey, IKAN Volunteer

Big thanks to IKAN for being a liaison between teachers and students in Victoria with Indonesians in Victoria in teaching and learning activities of Indonesian culture and language. The committees at IKAN are also friendly and don’t complain even though I join as a volunteer in almost all events this year 😅 If you are also interested in introducing Indonesian culture to Victorians, let’s join IKAN!

– Ruth, IKAN Volunteer

Over the holidays, I embarked on the mission of creating a new learning program for my Year 10 and VCE students focusing on various Indonesian Ethnic Groups. The thought of creating new content from scratch was overwhelming, to say the least, but fortunately, I had the support of IKAN and the coordinators to help me.

I am so grateful to IKAN and to the coordinators for helping me to create a series of resources about various Indonesian ethnic groups for my Year 10 and VCE class. They created several PowerPoints, each focusing on an Indonesian ethnic group. The PowerPoints contain lots of relevant and interesting information about aspects of daily life, traditions, and celebrations related to these ethnic groups – and best of all, the information is all presented in Indonesian! They even have follow-up QR codes linking to videos and other relevant information so that the students can extend their knowledge. These PowerPoints have not only supported students learning in class but also provide excellent review materials at the end of the topic in preparation for their SAC.

Their work is excellent, and they were so quick to deliver these quality materials. I would highly recommend using the support offered by IKAN to any Indonesian teacher. You won’t regret it!
Terima Kasih banyak!

– Kara, Teacher

IKAN is such a worthwhile program that helps build relationships between Indonesian people living in Melbourne and teachers of Indonesian language in Victoria. I have had several opportunities with IKAN over the past several years. As my students live in a regional area, they often have never had the opportunity to meet an Indonesian person! My students have practised their Indonesian speaking skills showing IKAN volunteers around Melbourne landmarks and shared lunch at an Indonesian restaurant. It is always a highlight of our year!

Terima Kasih banyak!

– Shelby, Teacher



1. Suku Dayak (Dayak Tribes)

2. Suku Baduy

3. Suku Ambon – Maluku

4. Suku Rimba – Jambi

5. Mengenal Motif Tato Suku Dayak
(Getting to Know The Dayak Tribe Tattoo Motifs)



1. Permainan Tradisional Indonesia – Egrang

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