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Victoria and the city of Melbourne is a wonderful place to visit. There is a lot of activities that you could do and places that you could visit in the city of Melbourne and Victoria. You could explore places in Melbourne by walking or using public transportation. Melbourne has two free public transport for tourists: city circle tram and tourist shuttle bus. For more information about Melbourne or Victoria, click through the picture below.


Take It With You

  • Important documents: Passport, Offer Letter from the institution, proof of payment, school report or legalised transcript of grades, Indonesian ID card (KTP), Indonesian driving license (SIM), International driving license (if you have one). You can keep some copies of the important documents in your home country if needed
  • Amount of AUD1,400 – AUD 2,300 in the form of cash or traveller’s cheque to pay for accommodation and open up a bank account in Australia
  • Three or four photos
  • Contact lenses
  • Medicines adequate amount for 6 months
  • Suitable clothes for 4 seasons (coat and scarf for winter, light coat/jacket or long sleeves for spring and autumn, shorts and t-shirt for summer)
  • Electronic devices such as chargers, laptop, and digital camera

Do Not Take It With You

In general, many Indonesian students have carried overweight baggage as they bring a lot of food. Unless you have a special dietary issue, you do not need to bring too many foods from Indonesia. Most of Indonesian food-products could be found in supermarket and Indonesian restaurants in Victoria as well as stationaries and other materials for your studies.

Declares Items to Customs

  • Herbs and spices
  • Biscuit, cake and candies
  • Dried fruits and vegetables
  • Instant noodles and rice
  • Herbal teas and coffees
  • Fresh or dried flower
  • Handicrafts – containing seeds, raw nuts, corn, pinecones, grapevines, bark, moss, straw or other plant material
  • Animal products such as unprocessed wool
  • Herbal and traditional medicines
  • Used animal equipment including veterinary equipment
  • Used sporting and camping equipment including tents, hiking boots, golf equipment and bicycle
  • Cash with value of AU$5000 or more


There are things that you need to know before arrival; airport transportation, internet and communication, bank, and overseas student health cover (OSHC)