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Nobaria (Nongkrong bareng Victoria)

NOBARIA is an annual gathering of PPIA Victoria. It is participated by members of its committee and other PPIA sub-branches in the state. The aim is to increase familiarity and strengthen the bond between all PPIA sub-branches committees. 


Due to the large number of PPIA sub-branches in Victoria, there is a concern that not all members from different sub-branches have the opportunity to get to know each other and familiarize themselves with other members outside of their immediate sub-branch. 


Hence, NOBARIA was born, a program dedicated to build and foster the relationship between chapters and branches of PPIA in Victoria. In the events, participants are given the opportunity to connect with each other through interactive and exciting ice breaking activities and team building games. Each sub-branches will also share their upcoming events and invite all sub-branches to cooperate to further increase the value of solidarity.


In conclusion, NOBARIA’s goal is to forge a new and stronger relationship, not only within their own sub-branch, but also members outside of their own sub-branch.


To create a sense of community for the Indonesian students studying in Australia

To encourage the engagements of Indonesian students and the local society in social involvement.

To raise and maintain Indonesian culture.


Making PPIA Victoria/Indonesian Student Association (ISA) in Victoria as the central to accommodate and grow the aspiration of students, and also to serve as a facilitator for all ISAs from each university in Victoria, by building internal and external synergies based on values of unity and collectivism by upholding the Pancasila values as Indonesia’s foundational philosophical theory.

Past Events

Picasso: In the Making

11 March 2022

PICASSO IN THE MAKING is the first formal and only online event that is held, and it serves to create a starting event that could allow the executives of the different PPIA VIC branches to get to know each other and bond. The event consisted of a series of games including What do you meme?, Picasso in Action, Scavenger Hunt, and Aliens have landed. It is hoped that through this ice breaking games and bonding experience, the executives could feel more comfortable and are familiar with their fellow executives from other branches.

Buka Bersama

23 April 2022

BUKBER NOBARIA is one of three informal events from Nobaria and it is aimed to bring together members of the PPIA committee to an event where participants could not only break their fast but also have a great time catching up with their fellow PPIA committee members. The vision of the event is to have a casual get together where they will be served food made by our very own NOBARIA committee members.

Upcoming Events

Trivia Night

28th May 2022

NOBARIA TRIVIA NIGHT is the second informal event that is held, where guests are welcome to hang out with their PPIA committee members and have fun while enjoying a series of trivia questions.

Offline Nobaria

22 July 2022

An interactive and teamwork game event which deepens the relationships of participants which has been made throughout the previous events.

Movie Night

27 August 2022

NOBARIA MOVIE NIGHT is the last informal event, which will be held for PPIA committees to experience a relaxing and enjoyable night along with their PPIA committee members. The event will have snacks and beverages that could be enjoyed while watching the movie. It is also hoped that with this event, participants will have a memorable bonding experience with other committee members.

Trivia Night














Project Managers

Carren Djojodiredjo

Fitra Rahima



Head Division
Felice Chahyady

Arif Paramartha
Diane Hadibrata
Kevin Girisamudra Wikanta
Nashira Fathania
Natasha Livia Limandar
Prischila Fanggidae

Michelle Antonia Lie




Head Division
Nadira Feraintira

Aisyah Fardiansyah
Made Ayu Gitagayatri
Tiara Puspa Amanda



Head Division
Aldrich Lado
Tiffany Sheryll

Keisha Kalisha
Xaviera Quincy



Head Division
Eqi Rikansa

Chelline Soejono
Nico Andiko
Vanessa Tjandra